Center Stage Class

CENTER STAGE (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior)

Center Stage is the core of His Way Broadway. These classes work on song, dance, and script for the main production.

-Instructors: Kevin and Tina Miranda

-Center Stage tuition per semester, per student:​​

$470 Center Stage / $330 Rising Stars

-Additional Costs​ not included in the fees and tuition above, most are optional:

Required shoes (i.e. Jazz, character shoes)

Show Dvd/flash drive of photos from the show/Show scrapbook (optional)

Small costume pieces (i.e. black pants, black socks, white undershirt, etc.)

Meals for show week (optional)

Additional Classes


Notre Masque, meaning “our mask”, is a process-oriented drama club in which students rehearse and perform scripted and unscripted material. Students in Notre Masque learn the basics of stagecraft, self discipline, the importance of hard work,creativity and imaginative play, listening and observation skills, and self confidence.

Why participate in Notre Masque? Studies show that participation in drama improves reading comprehension, problem solving, and communication skills. Students involved with drama programs outscore non-arts students on standardized tests.* Notre Masque students will showcase what they have learned as pre-shows at this semester’s performances. Notre Masque will cap at 25 students ages 12-18 (unless approved by the instructor).

-Instructor: Kevin Miranda


Rising Stars is a class for ages 5-7. These students will learn basic theater concepts through songs, dance, and games.

-Rising Stars Tuition is included in the Center Stage Junior cost above


Your student in this class will learn theatrical makeup techniques, including preparation for the current show with a final project of assisting Mr. Kevin with makeup during show week.

-Instructor: Kevin Miranda


Set Design Class focuses on building the stage sets for each production.

Please Contact His Way Broadway regarding costs and fees associated with all our classes.

Charlie Brown Production Practice

Class Requirements



The His Way Broadway performing arts program operates each semester through show ticket sales and business playbill sponsorships. These contributions alone are not enough to finance the work we do at His Way Broadway, and are offset by individual students' tuition fees.


Tuition fees are charged to cover a variety of costs including (but not limited to) facility fees, show rights, costumes, and show sets among a host of other things.


In addition, parents of students enrolled in the center stage class are required to volunteer at two shows, each semester. Volunteer roles vary and descriptions for each area of service can be acquired at the beginning of each semester.

Ad Sales Requirements

Each family is required to sell 2 separate ads or $100 in ad sales for our playbill. These can include both business and shout out ads. Ads start at $30.00 for a business card size and go up to $150.00 for a full page/underwriter.

Contact for more information.


Multiple student discount: 5% off tuition for additional children (2nd, 3rd, etc.)

Paid in full tuition discount: 5% off tuition if paid in full for entire 4 months of semester

Early Bird Discount: Register for next semester one month before show weekend, & get 5% off tuition